What is Web analytics?

Web Analytics is the audit of your overall online presence. It's a multifaceted practice which aims to unpack and understand your business goals to quantify the success of your online campaigns. Web Analytics involves analysing data from your website, social media sites and other online platforms. The aim of web analytics is understand where the traffic to your online platforms is coming from and if your campaigns are meeting KPIs. Through web analytics you can also learn what the online reputation of your brand is, so that you can adjust your online strategies and business goals accordingly.

Web analytics allows you to gain insights about your digital marketing campaigns in a cost-effective manner. I use the latest web analytics tools to learn more about your brand’s online presence in order to make informed recommendations concerning your digital strategy.

How I do it

As the world becomes increasingly digital, it is important to stay ahead of the curve with each new development. For this reason, I offer an umbrella service that covers all your bases to give your company a suitable and comprehensive online audit.

Through Web Analytics, you are able to see what is working for your website and what needs to be improved. I use the latest tools to generate these results for your business. This means you can take advantage of every tool and technique available to beat your competitors across various channels and maximise your website to achieve the best results.

From my service, you can expect the following:

  • Customer focused strategy
  • Email, social media, organic and paid search engine traffic tracking
  • Online reputation monitoring
  • Monitor A/B tests and all online marketing strategies
  • Achieve better ROI and meet KPIs using data tracking and analysis
  • On-going consultancy and technical support for your peace of mind

The web analytics gives valuable insights into user behaviour, so that you can learn how to more easily achieve your business objectives by improving your digital marketing efforts.

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