Get the Most out of Your Digital Campaigns

Not only can I provide advice about which digital campaigns will be the best investment for your company, but I can also help to integrate, optimise and manage all your digital campaigns. As your company’s online campaign manager, I will work in partnership with your directors to set practical, achievable goals which can be reached through online marketing. We will discuss your company’s business objectives, existing online presence and current campaigns.

Whether your business already successfully runs a variety of online campaigns, or if you are just beginning to realise the value of digital marketing for your business, I will be able to provide the advice and management expertise you need to achieve a positive ROI on all your online efforts.

I have worked with a wide range of clients, from small local businesses to large multi national corporations, in a variety of industries, to create a cohesive online presence and generate revenue through various online channels. From SEO, paid search and social media to content and email marketing, I will make sure that all your campaigns work together to achieve your business objectives.


My campaign management service includes reporting on the performance of each campaign so that you can stay up to date on the project and see the latest changes made in the interest of meeting the selected KPIs. I believe in working with you to achieve lasting results and I am always open and honest about which strategies are working and which aren’t so that you can make the best decisions moving forward.

Each of my campaign management clients receive:

  • Defined KPIs for each campaign
  • Detailed plan for each platform
  • Campaign calendar
  • Regular ROI based reports
  • History of changes

Why Choose Me as Your Campaign Manager?

I have worked with many companies offering digital consultancy services and I will use the knowledge I have gained throughout the years to provide you with professional advice about your online campaigns, no matter the size of your business or its industry. I pride myself on my ability to communicate effectively with clients to provide them with regular updates concerning the progress of their campaign. I will also always answer any questions about your campaign or digital marketing channels in general.

In addition to my expertise and ability to communicate in simple terms, my service also offers:

  • Dedicated client support.
  • Easy to understand reports.
  • Customer behaviour insights.
  • Increased leads.
  • Better conversion rates.
  • Live campaign measurement and benchmarking.
  • Management of large, multi-stage campaigns.
  • User Experience (UX) improvement suggestions.

I work to understand the behaviour of your customers so that I can know how to design campaigns to better target these users. I also work to find new groups of consumers who are looking for services or products like yours, and develop campaigns for these audiences, so that you can widen base of clients.

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I specialise in Strategy and Consultation, Campaign management, Web Analytics and Digital Training.

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